Watching Movies

We watched a couple of movies tonight. We didn’t really mean to. Late this afternoon Mara decided that she was going to watch The Mothman Prophecies and I joined her. After that we wound up watching About Schmidt with Mama. We had planned to watch that with her last night, but she didn’t seem much interested in it. I popped in Platoon just to check out the early scenes, and we wound up watching the whole thing. We’re not really having a movie marathon or anything. We joined a DVD club and received our selections, and we’re trying to make our home-time count, I guess. We still have The Silence of the Lambs, Full Metal Jacket, Daredevil and Scarface to watch before we leave next week. We now have The Ring on DVD, as well, but I may only get Mara to watch it if we watch it while the sun is up. Oh, we have some Beverley Hillbillies DVDs, but we won’t talk about those.
In short, we haven’t exactly been productive since we’ve been home. But I guess that’s the point. I had planned to get up today and start working on the bathroom, but never lifted a finger. Somehow I wonder if we’ll touch the bathroom before we leave. We certainly seem to be lacking motivation these days.

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