Wee Bit Of Hope

North of Statesville, NC. Just made an unauthorized fuel stop. I’m sure my fuck-tard dispatcher will be thrilled.
I’m not all that far from Kings Mountain. I meant to leave around noon. But one thing happened. And then another. And then another. I finally got rolling around 15:00. What that means in regard to making my delivery on time I don’t know. I’m headed for Washington Court House, Ohio. I think this puts me in a pretty good position for getting in on Friday (my birthday). But I won’t hold my breath.
I’m in a fairly good mood today. I feel pretty positive about life in general. I don’t think it’s because of my birthday. Although I’m sure it helps. I think it’s because getting into this month puts me that much closer to my last day. This whole truck driving purgatory thing will be over soon. And for some reason flipping the page on the calendar made me able to feel it nearing.
I dunno. I just feel optimistic. I only need one more piece of equipment to have everything I need. I suppose after that I’ll just be paying down my credit cards, putting money back, and generally getting ready for the move to St. Petersburg next month. How could I not feel positive about things? I’m about to stop being a ghost in a box and try my hand at being a human being again. It’s exciting and terrifying. But all change is.
It’s just great to be heading into a new week with a wee bit of hope in my heart instead of the usual cold resignation.

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