What Worries Me About Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders
What Worries Me About Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

This won’t go over well with my friends who are all about ‪‎Bernie Sanders‬, but I got up today wondering if Mr. Sanders is going to hand the White House over to the GOP clown car. I love Bernie Sanders, and would love to see him as president. But… the reality of American politics makes his electability questionable. For one thing, the Republicans are going to tar and feather him with the “socialist” thing, and that word scares the shite out of average Americans, not to mention the rank-and-file Republicans who’ve never looked up the word in a dictionary. Secondly, young people overwhelmingly support the idea of a Sanders candidacy, but are unlikely to show up to vote if he doesn’t get the nomination. That alone could ensure a Republican president.

Here’s the reality on the ground. By and large, older, more settled Democrats want Hillary Clinton. Young people want Bernie Sanders. This is a problem, because Hillary can’t win without young people, and Sanders can’t win without middle-of-the-road Democrats. If either of the two voting blocks don’t turn out to vote, Republicans will probably win the White House.

I love Bernie Sanders. He’s an honorable man who tells it like it is. But sometimes he comes across like an obsessed uncle who no one wants to invite to family picnics because he’s always ranting about stuff most people don’t want to hear. I don’t want to see Hillary Clinton as president, but her appeal to the average American is obvious. You gotta remember, the drones see her as stable and forward-thinking ball-breaker, whereas Bernie Sanders seems like a likeable guy who could lose his shit at any moment and start breaking stuff.

I know the folks in the Sanders camp will start jumping up and down at any suggestion that Bernie can’t walk on the water, but I just don’t see a Bernie Sanders presidency happening. Largely for the same reason I don’t see a Rand Paul presidency ever happening. Sanders makes perfect sense in most of what he says, but he largely appeals to the ideological puritans of the Democratic party. He’ll scare the hell out of the drones in a general election, though.

If Bernie Sanders gets the Democratic nomination, I will vote for him. I love the guy. But after looking at the reality of American politics in 2015/2016, I don’t think he can win a general election. That scares me, because the prospect of a Republican (especially one of the lunatics currently parading around in the GOP clown car) is terrifying. No candidate on either side can win a general election without lots of those folks in the middle of the political spectrum. Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders appeals more to the Left than to the Center. In the end, it’ll come down to whether the folks in the middle will more readily vote for a woman whose demeanor, like it or not, is portrayed as calm, confident, and calculating, or a man who seems a bit like their crazy uncle who spins conspiracy theories about banks, the wealthy, and the influence of the Rothschild Group on American economic policy (regardless of whether he’s right).

In short, I have doubt the drones will vote for Bernie Sanders in a general election. And that’s a problem.

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