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When It Rains …

Got an unexpected gift from PayPal this morning (insert an appropriate amount of sarcasm). I got up feeling sort of positive, so I should have known things would go awry. The first thing I discovered was that PayPal had frozen my account. I’d tried to set up a payment processing thing to use with my Yahoo! store, but they’d declined the honor. And then they decided to freeze my account. That means that the $300 I’ve made lately selling things is unavailable to me.
I uploaded the information they said they wanted, but I’m not expecting much of it. From what I’ve heard from people who’ve had to deal with PayPal concerning various issues, they really don’t give a fuck, and even when they do they’re so inept that issues rarely get worked out in any reasonable way. But we’ll see. I’m hoping for the best because I’m trying to break tradition. Maybe just this once the Fates won’t fuck me over.

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