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Wild Night

Just got in from a wild night. Well, wild for my tired old ass, anyway. I won’t go into details, because I’m ready to hit the bed. But I had a pretty good time. There was drinking. There was drama. Geez, there were bits and pieces I could put into a story. All I know is that I made it home safely with a nice little buzz, I had a good time watching the people in the fish bowl, and there were the proverbial fireworks to cap off the evening and keep us from getting old and tired. Well, to keep us from feeling old and tired.
My thoughts go out to David and Courtney. Especially David, who treated us right and paid unexpected respects to the old man. I appreciate him shepherding us through the evening. But I must say to him, really, with those little black dresses, what did he really think was going to happen? You live and learn, bro. My thoughts go with ya.

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