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Windhaven Recording Sessions

Recording sessions for Windhaven were finally started this week. It’s an exciting time for me. I’m getting to explore the nuances of acoustic guitars in a serious way for the first time. I never aspired to be a part of an acoustic act, so I’m still a little surprised at how this all came about, but I’m very glad that it did.

Right now we’re trying to get together a handful of songs to post to the band’s web site so that we can start booking gigs and trying to find a way eek out a living. All three of us in Windhaven are in bad financial straits (like a lot of other Americans) and are looking at music as a way to keep our heads above water. These recording sessions are a solid step in that direction. We’ve started off with cover tunes, but will also be working on original material in the next couple of weeks.

The sessions began with guitar tracking on May 1st. The first songs recorded were;

  • A Pirate Looks At FortyJimmy Buffett
  • Calling All AngelsTrain
  • Dog And ButterflyHeart
  • Rocky Mountain WayJoe Walsh
  • White RabbitJefferson Airplane

We followed up on May 2nd with;

  • Free Fallin’Tom Petty
  • PonyKasey Chambers
  • Willie & The Hand JiveJohnny Otis
  • Wish You Were HerePink Floyd

And on May 3rd with;

  • Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-DaThe Beatles
  • Old ManNeil Young
  • Waitin’Windhaven (an original)

We’re going to kick off recording sessions for original material next week, with the aim of having a commercially available CD by the end of the summer. I’ve always said that the only way you can be taken seriously as an artist musically is if you have original material to offer. We’ll soon be testing that theory with Windhaven. Over, under or through – B’god!


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