Work, Work, Work

Oh, gods. I am so tired. Actually, “tired” doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’m three steps away from delirious.
We got a late start, but Victoria and I got the truck loaded. I don’t really know when we got over there, but I’d say it took us about seven hours to get it done. We finished up right before U-Haul closed the place for the night. But we’re done. The truck is loaded. Mara’s stuff is in her storage building. Except for the few things I have at Mama’s apartment (like some of my guitars), we’re ready to roll.
Good thing we finished when we did. I don’t think I could have lasted another thirty minutes. The last thing I had to get out of the room was Mama’s cedar chest and a moving cart that I’d left upstairs. I went up alone, and was just dragging on that long walk back to the storage room. That kind of tired where you realize that walking is a mechanical act that’s being driven by force of will and not by natural inclination. Hehe.
But it’s done.
Afterwards we took the truck to Shelby. Victoria was worried that someone might break into the truck if I left it behind the grocery store near Mama’s apartment. I argued with her a bit, until she made me realize that I have some guitars sitting on the back of the truck. If someone broke in, that’s the first thing they’d see. And if someone was going to break in, it’d be tonight, right before I left for Florida.
I drove her car back to Kings Mountain, and will go back to Shelby in the morning to get the truck. Then I guess we’ll be on our way.

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