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Site updates are continuing. I know, I know. It doesn’t look like I’ve done much of anything else. What’s slowed down the updates are my stores. I’ve been putting together a new Yahoo store, where I’ll sell downloads of music and writing, as well as some other stuff (t-shirts and the like). This has taken a lot more longer than I expected, and is the main reason I haven’t been updating the various sections of this web site. Frankly, if I don’t find a way to generate some income soon, I won’t have the option of creating as many works. That means, essentially, that M.E. Caldwell will likely never be finished. Or that there won’t be an album’s worth of new songs to download any time soon.
I’ve been given an opportunity to think out of the box and go in a different direction. But if I don’t get the ball rolling soon, that opportunity will pass. After that, it’ll be back to grindstone. Probably back into a truck. And I’ll just be looking back and regretting how I didn’t take advantage of the last true chance I had to break the cycle of regret that I’ve been caught up in my entire life.
So. Stores first. Web site second. Then new music and writing. Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t work on new stuff once I’m updating the web site itself, but establishing, stocking and coding the stores is very labor intensive. I’ll get it done. Soon. I promise. Hopefully once I’m ready to move on, there’ll still be people around who give a shit.

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