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If you’ve visited any of the rest of my site, you couldn’t help but notice that my server was hacked the other week. I’ve been trying to get everything back online, but it’s taking some time. I suppose that’s what I get for letting the web site sprawl like it has.

Anyway, you’ll notice a lot of missing images here. I’m working on it. Honestly, I’m not sure where a lot of these images are, and I’m a little tired of uploading the damned things constantly. But, of course, I’ll put them up (again). Just bear with me.

You’ll also notice a new look here. I like this theme a lot. It’s supposed to be some kind of high tech design, but I think the graphics up top look vaguely like an electric guitar. So there. Make of that what you will. I will, of course, have to tweak it a bit. The designer was a bit fond of grey for my tastes. But I’ll get it. The important thing right now was just getting the music section back into place.

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