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Yes for $5.00

I’m packing up seven CDs by Yes to ship off to a gentleman who won the set for $5.00 on my eBay store. He got it for that because I was a dumbass and didn’t monitor the auction. Otherwise I would have never have let it go for that. I would’ve gotten Victoria to outbid him or something, just so I wouldn’t feel like I’ve just given my CDs away.
It feels kind of strange to be selling my CDs like this, but I really don’t need them. We’ve copied over all of my CDs onto the hard drive of our computer in the den, so I still have the music. That’s all I really want. I know some dweeb is going to shake a finger at me and try to figure out some way that it’s unethical, but I figure those people can bite my pasty white ass. I bought the CD, and I copied it for personal use, not for distributing through some computer network.
I’ve been using the CD auctions to drive traffic to my eBay store, where we sell custom made t-shirts. It seems like when I have CDs for sale, people who’ve come to look at the CDs tend to click through and check out some of the t-shirts, as well. So when I auction CDs, my t-shirt sales pick up. When I don’t have any CD auctions, they drop off. I only have so many CDs I can sell, though, so I know this’ll drop off eventually. But right now it’s a way to generate traffic.
So … as unhappy as I may be about letting my Yes CDs go for $5.00, who knows how many t-shirts I sold because of that auction? I guess I shouldn’t complain. Still, I feel like I might as well have just handed them over to someone walking down the sidewalk in front of the house. At least I still have the music.

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