Billy Ray Montgomery - Single Released

Posted by Wicasta on 02 Jan 2024.

Billy Ray Montgomery


We're very pleased to announce the first single from In The Fifth Circle has been released as of January 1st, 2024.

“Billy Ray Montgomery” has been released to most of the major streaming services. As of this date we've confirmed the new single has posted to Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. It will propagate out to dozens of other streaming platforms in the next few days or weeks. So if “Billy Ray Montgomery” isn't on your platform of choice right now, check again tomorrow or in the next few days. He may be a slickery fucker guy who goes his own way and does what he wants, but he'll get there eventually.


“Billy Ray Montgomery” @ Apple Music

The First Of Many

The intent feels audacious, but the plan is to release a new song on the first Monday of every month, all throughout 2024. “Billy Ray Montgomery” is the first of twelve songs which, at the end of year, we'll be archiving all of the releases in a CD collection and possibly a vinyl release, which reflects the unified whole of the songs and the stories they're attached to.

Oh... we didn't mention that story part?

There Are Stories

All of the songs being released in 2024 will have an associated story to go along with it. “Billy Ray Montgomery” doesn't have an associated story all of its own like all of the other songs. Rather, it shares a story with another song, “The Price of Rain” (which will be released in March). This will make sense once you read that story. I'm not going to tell you what it's about, but it will be worth the wait.


“Billy Ray Montgomery” @ Spotify

Video To Follow Soon

I'd hoped to post the video for “Billy Ray Montgomery” on the same day the song was released, but between the holidays and family I just didn't get it done. It will be posted this weekend, though, by January 6th. So keep an eye out.

A lot of people have reached out to me about “Billy Ray Montgomery”. I am humbled by your support and thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. This is just a first step on a long journey. But first steps are important. Thanks for indulging me!

See Ya Around

~ Wicasta Lovelace