Asria's Revenge

Catching Gears


“Asria's Revenge” scared the hell out of me when it first came into being back in the late 1980s. I'd mostly noodled around with guitar based songs prior to that, but I'd tinkered around on a young cousin's tiny Casio keyboard and came up with enough interesting stuff that I finally bought my own 61-key Yamaha keyboard. It was a very basic keyboard and its sounds were as cheesy as you could expect from the late 1980s. But it had some crude string sounds that I started tinkering with. Well, one Sunday afternoon I started messing around with these strings sounds and came up with this bit that I like. Next thing I know I'd recorded some drum


The means no lyrics, y'all.

Music: Wicasta Lovelace.
Copyright © 2024: Wicasta Lovelace.
Copyright © 2024: Windhaven Network.


Victoria Lovelace - backing vocals
Wicasta Lovelace - lead & backing vocals, guitars, bass, sample instruments, drums, programming

Wicasta Lovelace - mixing, mastering

There Are Stories?

The short story which matches to “Catching Gears” is titled “Dulce”. This story is somewhat experimental. Enough so that when I let a professor friend of mine in Texas read an early draft, he pretty much stopped talking to me. lol. Well, art is supposed to elicit a reaction, and that one damned sure did.


      “Dulce,” she said. And again, “It’s Dee-ul-say.” Parsed out the phonetics. Syllables. Rhythm. What was it he would say? “Mouth feel.” She felt the name in her mouth. It didn’t taste right. Didn’t feel right. It would do for now, as a name, as a reference. But it didn’t feel like her. Something they could call her until she faded back into the void.

      Dulce blinked. Hard. She closed her eyes so tightly it hurt and she saw stars or sparkles in the darkness. She had to reform. Reincorporate. Breathe. Reintegrate. Be. Just for a little while.

      She had winked into a muddled existence that morning, spent most of her day making sense of this new existence. Or tried to. What came before was there, in bits and pieces. Fragments. Whispers. Moving shadows. Waking dreams. There was a word for it. A phrase. Like a name on the tip of her tongue.

      Something… other.

      Something… not Dulce.

      Someone… not Dulce.

      But who was she now?


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