Grace (All We Are)

Released - May 1, 2011

“I am probably as proud of this song as any I've ever written or recorded. When I sit down and play a guitar, I almost inevitably wind up playing this one. It's a nice progress ion that I like playing. The Windhaven version of it is, I think, Victoria's best vocal performance. She really nailed the feel of the song. A slightly different version is going to show up on In The Fifth Circle, so it's fair to say this is one of my favorites in the catalog. It's mostly just a rumination on the futility of it all, as we try to assign meaning to our days despite knowing, somehow, that none of it really means anything. And yes, grammar Nazis, I know ‘All we are / Is voices in the dark’ is not gramatically correct, but ‘All we are / Are voices in the dark’ doesn't quite roll off the tongue, does it?” ~ Wicasta Lovelace


All we are
Is voices in the dark.
All we are
Is faces in the park.
We rise and strive
To make our mark
And find our way back home.

All we are
Is snowflakes in the sun.
All we are
Is rabbits on the run.
In time we learn
To close our eyes
And find our way back home.

Grief’s insanity
Crawls inside of me
All of life cries,
Where goes paradise?

All we are
Is reason without form.
All we are
Is cold, threadbare and worn.
We cry, defy
And rise to try
And find our way back home.

Music & Lyrics: Wicasta Lovelace.
Copyright © 2011: Wicasta Lovelace.
Copyright © 2011: Windhaven Network.



Victoria Sadler Lovelace - lead & backing vocals
Wicasta Lovelace - guitars, bass, sample instruments, drums, programming


Wicasta Lovelace - mixing, mastering


Recorded at The Lair - Saint Petersburg, Florida

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