So Long John

Released - May 1, 2011

“This song came about when my uncle, Loyd, lay dying. The title, ‘So Long John’ was an affectionate play on a running joke among myself, Loyd, and his son. I don't recall how it got started, but we all called each other ‘Johnrsquo;. Anyway, Loyd was in the hospital for quite a while before he died, and his last few weeks were a death watch, of sorts. I got up every day wondering if Loyd had made it through the night. The song itself was pondering how all of our long lives come down to that one moment when we're about to leave this world. The rain sounds in this song were recorded during a thunderstorm from our home in Saint Petersburg, Florida. I always liked that bit.” ~ Wicasta Lovelace


There are time when life is young,
And all our deeds are yet undone.
I heard them say,
You'll leave today,
So if I may...
So long, John.

There are times when life is sweet,
And all the world's lain at our feet.
I heard them say,
You'll leave today,
So if I may...
So long, John.

Now's the time when all
The diamonds cease to glitter,
And life is measured
In shallow breath.
If you leave today,
I hope you'll find your way.
Just let me say...

If I miss you and I weep,
Does it mean that I am weak?
I heard them say,
You left today,
So if I may...
So long, John.

Music & Lyrics: Wicasta Lovelace.
Copyright © 2011: Wicasta Lovelace.
Copyright © 2011: Windhaven Network.



Wicasta Lovelace - backing vocals, guitars, bass, sample instruments, drums, programming
Victoria Sadler Lovelace - lead & backing vocals


Wicasta Lovelace - mixing, mastering


Recorded at The Lair - Saint Petersburg, Florida

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