You're Not The One

Released - May 1, 2011

“Of all the songs on When The Winds Blow, ‘You're Not The One’ is the song I'd love to have a do-over on. We lost the master recordings to a hard drive crash, so short of re-recording the entire thing, what we got is what we got. This is a song about domestic violence, which a lot of people responded to. And I think it deserves better treatment than it got by my half-assed, clueless 2011 production. Still, I'm very proud of this song, because it resonated with a lot of people. Victoria can't stand her performance on it, but I think she did well. Still, I'd love for her to have another shot at it, because this song is one she deserves to do again.” ~ Wicasta Lovelace


First I gave him beauty.
Then I gave him light.
He said “Your time will never come.”
But I knew he loved me.
So I gave him life.
He said “Your time will never come.
You’re not the one.”

In the grip of passion,
And the heights of love,
I said, “Take from me what you want.”
So he took my pleasure,
And called me whore.
He said “You’ll pray it, but I won’t.
You’re not the one.”

So to his frustration,
I gave my face.
And now I’ll never look the same.
Here in fractured mirrors,
I have found my place.
He said “Your looks will never change.
You’re not the one.”

Then I gave him family,
So he might know joy.
He said “These beasts will never do.”
In the place of loving,
The child fears men.
He said “I bite before I chew.
You’re not the one.”

Neither sigh nor anguish,
Nor hope nor pride,
Can conjure life where there’s no air.
But tears on a pillow,
Lost in the dark,
Will find a way to persevere.
He’s not the one.

Music & Lyrics: Wicasta Lovelace.
Copyright © 2011: Wicasta Lovelace.
Copyright © 2011: Windhaven Network.



Victoria Sadler Lovelace - lead & backing vocals
Wicasta Lovelace - guitars, bass, sample instruments, drums, programming


Wicasta Lovelace - mixing, mastering


Recorded at The Lair - Saint Petersburg, Florida

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