In The Fifth Circle

Posted by Wicasta on 22 Feb 2024.

I'm working on a collection at the moment, and what's listed below is what could, from a certain perspective, be considered to be evidence of that. This collection of short stories will be titled In The Fifth Circle, and shares its title with an album of songs related to the stories. These stories will be released eventually. Excerpts will soon follow, according to the song / story release schedule, during 2024 and into 2025.

Featured Stories

  • • Dulce
  • • Billie
  • • Jesus HMF
  • • No One Of Note
  • • A Kind of Truth
  • • With My Coffee...
  • • The Transient
  • • Marissa
  • • Chester
  • • Mischa's Seeds
  • • Dreams of Arumaea

A Flock of Short Stories

Some stories are easier to catch than others.