Live Wire

Posted by Wicasta on 14 Feb 2024.

Last weekend was a wild ride. I want to talk about this.

An Ancient Demon - Izzatu Wicasta

This is what I feel like today.

Decisions... Decisions...

The prompt for the A.I. created image about was; “Today I feel like a live wire and every physical sensation is nearly overwhelming, I'm living on the autism spectrum and feeling like a live wire because I'm off my meds”.

I'm teetering toward full-blown sensory overload today.

I'm in the worst place I could be today. I'm at work. In an office. People are talking. The phones will ring as reports come in. The jabbering going on in the background is like icy needles in my brain. I turned on my desk heater because I thought the white noise of the running fan would help mask the yammering. But the sound of the heater fan is like an abrasive heat. It doesn't really mask the room noise. It just adds to it.



You Are Not Normal

Posted by Wicasta on 03 Feb 2024.

Jesus Votes For The Ones Who Love

The following question was posted on Quora. It was clearly trolling. But I felt like I needed to respond to it, simply because I felt like it needed to be responded to. I have friends, relatives, and acquaintances who think like this, whether or not they would actually say it so bluntly. Anyway, the “question” was;

“Democrats who voted for Biden, are you proud of yourself? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror or considered psychology? You are not normal.”

I’m not a Democrat, but I tend to vote Democrat (mostly because Republicans are insane). I have looked at myself in the mirror, and I have been struck by the realization that I’m not normal. As near as I can tell, “normal” is ignorance. “Normal” is hatred. “Normal” is selfishness, belligerence, violence. “Normal” is what human beings would be without the rule of law, which essentially would dictate that without guaranteed repercussions, a “normal” human being would steal money from your pockets as you lay on the ground dying after a car accident. A “normal” human being would rape your corpse. A “normal” human being believes that only the strong do, or should, survive, and that if you can take it, whatever it is, then that’s just the way of the jungle.