MARCH 2024

I’m Not Crazy... And Neither Am I

Posted by Wicasta on 15 Mar 2024.

An image which gives an impression of Bipolar and ADHD

They're all wild rides now.

I've visited with new doctors since my last jabbering.

I'm not entirely sure I should write about this here. Or if I should write about it at all. But I will, becuase it's silly that I feel like hiding it. It's going to have an impact on the work going forward, so let's not dance around it.

It doesn't look like I'm on the autism spectrum after all. Well, I may be. We're all somewhere on that spectrum. But it's not the main thing that's been wrong with me all these years. I've been diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and ADHD. That's come after a lifetime of no treatment whatsoever, and the past few years of being treated for the wrong thing.